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1630 Carr St., Suite D . Lakewood CO . 80214

tel. 303.237.8000  fax. 303.237.2033


Villa Margaux Homeowners Association, Inc.

Villa Margaux Homeowners Association, Inc. consists of  26 Units and is located in Denver, Colorado.  Domestic Water, Landscaping & Snow Removal are included in the monthly assessment fees. Denver Storm Drainage Service is Owner's responsibility.  This Community is not FHA Approved.

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                             RULES & REGULATIONS

                             COLLECTION POLICY

                             INVESTMENT OF RESERVES

                             COVENANT & RULE ENFORCEMENT

                             INSPECTION & COPYING RECORDS

                             CONDUCT OF MEETINGS

                             CONFLICTS OF INTEREST 

                             ADOPTION OF POLICIES

                             DISPUTE RESOLUTION

                             VEHICLE REGISTRATION FORM

                             MASTER INSURANCE INFORMATION

                             2017 MEETING MINUTES

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                             2019 MEETING MINUTES

                             2019 BUDGET

                             2020 BUDGET

                             SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS

                             PUBLIC DISCLOSURES

                             2019 FISCAL YEAR-END ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT

                             2020 ANNUAL MEETING CALENDAR** Disclaimer:  Meetings are subject to change without notice.**

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