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Highlands at Vallejo Homeowner's Association

Highlands at Vallejo Homeowner's Association consists of 12 Units and is located in Denver, Colorado.  Trash Service, Common Area Maintenance (inside and out), Common Area (light and gas), Water (service and waste) and Umbrella Hazard Insurance are included in the monthly assessment fees.  This Community is not FHA Approved.

                           ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION

                           COLLECTION POLICY

                           RESERVE STUDY POLICY

                           INVESTMENT OF RESERVES

                           ENFORCEMENT OF COVENANTS AND RULES

                           INSPECTION OF RECORDS

                           CONDUCT OF MEETINGS

                           CONFLICT OF INTEREST

                           ADOPTION OF POLICIES

                           DISPUTE RESOLUTION

                           MASTER INSURANCE INFORMATION

                           2018 MEETING MINUTES

                           2019 MEETING MINUTES

                           2020 MEETING MINUTES

                           2021 MEETING MINUTES

                           2020 FISCAL YEAR-END ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT

                           2019 BUDGET

                           2020 BUDGET

​                           2021 BUDGET

                           PUBLIC DISCLOSURES

                           2021 BOARD AND ANNUAL MEETING CALENDAR                          


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