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Our HOA Management and Consulting 

Skilled, experienced and trusted.  Our certified association manager, maintenance and administrative staff are the best in the business and our unique organizational structure makes sure business goes on uninterrupted, no matter the situation.  We pride ourselves as one of Denver Metro Area's most professional association management teams.  Providing the highest level of customer service is our pleasure.

Full Service Management

Realty One, Inc. is confident that our management services will give you the peace of mind that your association is in good hands.  We value collective participation and collaboration with the board and the homeowners as a vital aspect to serving your association.  From accounting and financial oversight to physical asset management and ground maintenance; Realty One will ensure that you are using all your community resources to their full potential.

Our Services

We realize that solutions and services that work for one associations, may not always meet the needs of another.  A Community will often outgrow an inflexible management company that is not equipped to deal with the ever-changing needs of the community.  Every home owners association is different, and so are we.  Realty One, Inc. is different; we understand that each community is distinctive and individual.  Our goal is to focus on the unique needs of each community by providing the services that the association wants, not the services we think you need.  Therefore, we offer the flexibility to adapt our services to the changing needs of the Association.

Collection and Enforcement

​We help track accounts from the day of delinquency through the lien and foreclosure process.  When necessary, we are capable of implementing an aggressive collection process.

Vendor Relations

​At Realty One, Inc. we have no ownership or affiliation with any contractors or suppliers, meaning we make sure your association gets the best, most cost-effective options each and every time.

Finance and Accounting​

Managing association finances requires expertise in budget management, cost accounting, eco-commerce and merchant accounts as well as the ability to partner with CPA firms and comply with federal and state tax authority regulations.  Realty One, Inc. is highly effective and can offer a suite of accounting and financial management services, including

  • Budget development, Management and Reporting
  • Accounts Receivable (maintain account ledgers and history for each homeowner) and Accounts Payable (review billing for accuracy in cost and goods and prepare checks for approved invoices)
  • Banking relationships and investment management

Realty One, Inc . 1630 Carr Street, Suite D . Lakewood, CO . 80214
tel. 303.237.8000    fax.  303.237.2033