Realty One, Inc

1630 Carr St., Suite D . Lakewood CO . 80214

tel. 303.237.8000


I received Realty One Inc's letter yesterday regarding the enhancements to Courtyard at North Lake HOA's neighborhood and I would just like to say, thank you!  I have lived at the Courtyards since they were new and Realty One, Inc. has done more in a few short months than our last HOA Management Company did in 18 years!  Thank you so much.

T.B. Homeowner at Courtyards at North Lake Property Owner's Association, Inc.

I lived in Brentwood Manor for 40 years and was President of the HOA for the last 4 years.  The position of HOA president is complex.  It requires financial, legal and mechanical skills to make good decisions to ensure the habitability of the building.  Realty One, Inc. offered me advice and support in many situations.  They were there when I needed them.  I could not have been successful without them.  Over the 40 years, our HOA was involved with Realty One, Inc. most of the time.  During the 40 years, we hired 2 other property management firms and returned to Realty One, Inc. because the other firms were disasters.  Realty One, Inc. provided us with financial reporting, legal assistance, mechanical solutions and owner/tenant resolutions.

L.B., Brentwood Manor Condominium Association, Past President

​Realty One, Inc. has been our property management company twice.  They have served us well with advice, excellent accounting and directed our boards with fairness and accountability.  (A bad board terminated their services, hired a different small company who followed the board's direction resulting in actions an HOA doesn't want to experience.  Realty One, Inc. was rehired.)  Dealing with a small company who provides a great service without breaking your HOA's bank is a great deal. 

G.G., Jackson Court Condominium Association Board Member

Realty One, Inc. gives us the service we need at the right price for our HOA.  They are diligent in managing our accounts and regulatory compliances.  Thanks for always being such a pleasure to work with.

L.F., Jackson Court Condominium Association Board Member

Nine years ago I purchased two condos in the Denver area.  Realty One, Inc. managed one of them, while the other was without proper management.  When the condo without proper management fell into dire HOA issues, I suggested Realty One, Inc.  Realty One, Inc. was hired and has brought our 'out-of-compliance', uninsured HOA back into compliance and is now insured.  Realty One, Inc. professionally worked to get our complex moving into the right direction.  Realty One has had our roof replaced, major water issues addressed through insurance claims and their various contracts that are available for the needs of the HOA.  

Realty One, Inc. provides easy-to-read budget statements and accounting information.  They have an excellent website which provides all condo documentation regarding the HOA, available 24 hour access by anyone.

​I would recommend Realty One, Inc. as an assertive and professional HOA management company.

M. S., Capistrano Court Condominium Association, Board President

The good people at Realty One, Inc. provide reliable management of our 18-unit condominium complex in Wheat Ridge.  Their staff is courteous and responsive to our community's needs, through their effective enforcement of rules and regulations, using reputable vendors for maintenance and repairs, and handling our finances with a high level of competence.  I highly recommend the services of Realty One, Inc.

N. J., Quail's Nest Condominium Owner's Association Board President

​I have served as Secretary of the HOA Board at Provincetown Landing I from 2011 through 2017.  The property management company during that time was Realty One, Inc.  We enjoyed a very good working relationship with Forrest and the Staff at Realty One, Inc.  They were extremely helpful with legal matters, and referrals for contractors to complete work in our development.  There was representation from Realty One, Inc. at all of our monthly HOA meetings as well as special meetings set up to deal with homeowner specific issues.  They assisted us on all financial matters, reviewing expenses, paying bills and establishing budgets.

​B.M., Provincetown Landing I Association